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Thank You!!!!!!

This is just to say a *huge* thanks to all the people who helped out!!! Without them we couldn't have even gotten started, and I don't know how to repay them, so this is a start!!!

Thanks to:

Alice Lillie ~ Betty Collignon ~ Billy Hinsche ~ Sherri Skanes ~ Margaret Dowdle Head ~ Linda Stearns ~ Alan and Maryann Jardine ~ Justyn Wilson ~ Ben Valley ~ Maria Lingeman ~ Linda Heidman & Pleasure Valley ~ Papa Doo Run Run ~ Bob Spencer at Band World ~ the Barenaked Ladies ~ Sawyer Brown ~ Beach Boys Family and Friends ~ Paramount Canada's Wonderland ~ Russ McCloud and Charlie O'Brien at 1050 CHUM, Toronto ~ Crystal Springs Bottled Water ~ Marcia Martinez & Elliott Lott at Brother Records Inc. ~ Val Johnson-Howe and Beach Boys Britain ~ John Andresen and Heather Pardon at the Canadian Cancer Society ~ Yumiko Carr at the American Cancer Society ~ The New VR News, Barrie, Ontario ~ the people at Thornhill Community Centre for the use of the press conference room! ~ Mar B Graphics for the T-shirts ~ *everyone and anyone* else who helped that I forgot! ~ *everyone* who has signed up!!!!!!

Special mention to the ducky for giving us a memorable name...! And to Jahan for pointing this out..! CWWAC = QUACK, if you say it...!

CWWAC!  CWWAC! Well hey, you gotta have a little fun...!

Special thanks from Bree go to the following Committee members for outstanding help and moral support!!! :)

Jahan ~ Ayelet ~ Jessica ~ Michelle ~ Steph C.

And of course, *extra* special thanks goes to:

Carl Dean Wilson

We were always blessed with Carl's beautiful voice, and recently the Walk has been blessed with his help and guidance from above (at least some of us think this!), and we wish to thank you, Carl, for that~~we couldn't have done this without you.

Thank you soooo very much to all those mentioned above!!!

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