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The Carl Wilson Walk Against Cancer

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Alright, so you know where and when the Walk will be held... Now all you've gotta do is be there! Registration fees will be $25, and included in that is admission to Pleasure Valley, lunch, the auction, and all other perks provided by the location and the Walk. As well, $1 of every admission fee will be donated by Pleasure Valley to charity! To sign up, just follow these steps:

#1: Write or e-mail us telling us you're interested! Our e-mail address is New!!You can now print our official registration form here on the page! Click on the link, print the form, and then just skip down to step 2!
#2: Send a cheque or money order for $25 Canadian funds per Walker to the address below.
#3: Upon receipt of the money, we will send you a form which states that you are now fully registered in the CWWAC 2000! You will also receive a sponsor sheet...and it's never too soon to start collecting pledges! We'd also send you anything else that comes up such as discounts etc.
#4: No less than 2 weeks before the event, you will receive in the mail your tickets for the event and lunch, as well as a detailed map to Pleasure Valley, and any other information you might need!
Notes: You must bring all pledges to the Walk with you, along with the sponsor sheet. Parking will be provided at the picnic site. Dogs are not allowed at the location (sorry!).

Send all cheques or money orders to: Carl Wilson Walk Against Cancer
Attn. Registration Department (Note: It is very important that you write this!)
170 Dudley Ave. #505
Thornhill, ON
L3T 2E8

Register before April 3 2000 to be eligible for the Early Bird Draw! The prize is currently undecided, but we'll post it up here once we know! Otherwise all registration fees *must* be received by May 1! See you there!